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Developed by our very own TTM Community Manager: 


Welcome to the twotonemurphy Speed Challenge!

The idea is simple, you need to get from one runway to another as fast as you can. Twice a month we will provide a starting airport and runway and an ending airport as well as the time, date, weather and plane that you must complete the challenge in.


These routes will provide challenges along the way, mountainous regions, awkward starting runways, cities etc will all need to be managed. The time recorded is from wheels up to wheels down and the quickest person to complete the route will be the winner. There will also be some prizes up for grabs every now and then. Each event we will provide a briefing card with all the details and a representative time completed by one of the Mod / Community Manager team There are no requirements for atc auth or anything like that it’s take off and full rental power from A to B, obviously with hills in the way you’ll need to climb to get over them but remember any extra climbing will add time to your journey so skimming the treeline is the name of the game here.

To record your entry you need to have a small piece of software installed called which is available on You’ll need to create an account and download the client software from the top of the site

Once you have completed your registration install the client and login with the details you just registered on the site. Make sure the SimAir application is running and load up your flight in MSFS. On the SimAir site there is a list of active flights on the main page, you should see your username in there. If you do, you know that you are logging your flight!

You’ll also be able to see in your logbook (button top right of the site) that you have an entry that says your “current Airport ICAO -> ????” this is your current flight. If you have any issues with SimAir please drop a note on Discord and one of the Mods, Community Managers or other Firefly’s will help you out! So now it’s time to feel the need for speed , throttle to full, take off, gears up, flaps up and point the plane at your destination, you can use the GPS to direct you if you wish but remember if there is a tall mountain in your path it might be faster to go around than climb over the top and back down! Once you have completed your journey and landed safely at your destination exit back to the main menu and you should see that your logbook entry has updated to give your final ICAO instead of “???” To submit an entry to the competition, we need two screenshots of your logbook entry. Both screenshots need to have the velocity graph selected on the logbook and the first one must show the latest takeoff entry in the events log on the right hand side, it should look like this:


The second screenshot should be the same but showing the last landed entry (yeah bounced landings add to your time ).


A few rules...

  1. No Slewing please, we can identify this and entries will be rejected.

  2. No modified aircraft, we can identify this and entries will be rejected.

  3. Active pause is allowed but the sim time keeps going so you’ll just be adding time to your journey.

  4. You can choose how much fuel you have but please have a pilot and copilot at 170lbs each.

  5. Please double check the entry requirements, dates, times and weather all need to be set correctly for the entry to count.

  6. If the screenshots don’t meet the above requirements we’ll reject your entry until the correct ones are supplied. The velocity graph is important so please make sure that is selected (if the time is 12 noon and you take off at 12:05 because you were setting up the plane that is fine)

  7. Duration is calculated from wheels up to wheels down times which will result in your journey time.

  8. The Mods and Community Managers rulings are final.

Details of the current event:

There isn't a Speed Challenge running at the moment! 

Current Challenge
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