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This website is owned and maintained by twotonemurphy

To ensure full compliance with GDPR we have updated our Privacy Policy as follows.

Visitors to this Website

twotonemurphy neither collects nor holds personally identifiable information on visitors to the website. Data submitted via our webform is used only to respond to your query via our email system.

Members and Users logging into this Website

For the purposes of GDPR legislation, twotonemurphy is the Data Controller in respect of information stored in the Members and Users section of our website. We are also the Data Controller in respect of any emails, communications and applications viewed on the twotonemurphy Servers.

As a Data Controller there is no requirement for a Data Processing Agreement.

Once you access, disclose or download copies of data to a medium other than our website, then twotonemurphy will no longer control this personal data. Such data will be subject to the users own data protection and privacy practices.


When a member or user accesses our website they give consent for their personal data to be transferred to the Data Controller. When an member or user downloads or views information from the twotonemurphy Database they may retain the personal data only for as long as reasonably required.


To fulfil our data retention obligations under GDPR, we will delete all information submitted to and held in the twotonemurphy database after 18 months from the submission date. The Data Controller must get explicit consent from the member or user if they wish to retain their data for a longer period or to contact them about future opportunities.

Right to be forgotten

If a member or user requests for their submitted information to be forgotten we will erase their entire history on our website, including any information that may be held in the employee or clients profile in the twotonemurphy back office. We will also endeavour to inform any member or user who has received information from the Data Controller who has downloaded and/or viewed our content from the twotonemurphy Database within the past 18 months about the request to be forgotten.

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