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I get asked some great questions on streams, and really enjoy receiving them, so thought I'd bring a selection of them together here in one place!

1 - Are you a real life pilot?
No but I have a few hours in a C172 and very much hope to continue when the world returns to normality. 

2 - Are there many differences between flying a sim and flying in real life?

The modern simulators bring you so close to the real thing. All that's really missing is the load bearing on your hands and body, the movement of the aircraft and probably the smells! 

3 - What system do you have?

Please see a link here which has details to my current setup!

4 - What advice would you give someone new to the sim in getting started?

If you are brand new to flight simulation then there will be a learning curve. Spend some time watching tutorials, complete the in sim training and check out the VFR and IFR lesson packs by FS Academy 

5 - Where are you from?

Dublin, Ireland 

6 - What advice would you give someone interested in getting into streaming?

Start now! Don't spend too much time thinking how and what, just start! You'll figure things out as you go 

7 - Do you prefer Twitch or YouTube? 

Twitch for livestreaming, YouTube for videos

8 - Whats your favourite aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

The Milviz C310R is a cracker as is the PMDG737 and Fenix A320., JustFlight's fleet is amazing. Flying Iron's aircraft are also brilliant!

9 - How did you come up with the name twotone?
It was a nickname given to me years ago after getting some sunburn! 

10 - What do you do for a living? Are you a full-time streamer?
I manage the operations of a transport and logistics company based in Ireland.  Its a very challenging and rewarding role. I get to work with some incredible people and it is a great teamwork based environment. The thoughts of being a full-time content creator are very exciting but probably not a reality right now!


11 - How do you find the time for simming? Or strike the right balance?

Since starting the livestreams back in Aug 2020, most, if not all of my flying time happens on those nights. A huge thanks to Mrs Twotone for her support and patience! 

12 - Whats some of the nicest feedback you’ve received?

I have been sent letters and messages from people telling me how much they enjoy spending time with our community. This is so awesome. The fact that our community can support and even help people who may be battling with life's struggles is a very humbling experience. 

13 - How do I get in touch with you directly?

Please see all the TTM social links on this site or send me a direct email here

14 - Besides MSFS2020, what else do you play?

X-Plane, DCS, ETS and ATS (truck sim), some FPS games, Racing, Strategy - a bit of everything really

15 - Besides simming, what else do you like to do in your free-time?

I love meeting new people and visiting new places. Everyone has their story to tell and I love learning new things.

16 - Whats your favourite drink and meal?

My current favourite beverage is that of either Dingle Gin or Knut Hanson Gin & 7up and food wise, steak is always a winner! Oh and hot dogs are nice. Not to mention the dreaded, pineapple pizza!

17 - Fast forward a year from now, where would you like the TTM channel and brand to be? What can people expect?
My goal is to enhance the community experience by giving access to information, support and inclusion. I want to get to know the people within the community. It all started around the launch of FS2020 and I think we have made great progress since then. I have so many ideas and a number of projects being worked on so be sure to keep your eyes on the announcement page, blog and newsletter!

18 - How can I become a beta tester?

It depends! What experience you have with a platform, how much time you can give to the process, technical skill, real world experience and integrity. My advice for anyone wanting to become a beta tester, its not about getting early access to the product. Its about spending time trying to break it or allowing it to crash your system in order to identify problems that you can then report back on. I have always enjoyed the process of beta testing but you need to approach it in a specific way. Just ask the developer if you can become a beta tester. Keep your eyes on developers channels and webpages as they usually announce when they plan to beta test. Just remember, they are putting a lot of trust into you to not only report back any bugs or issues, but to keep the product private until such a time they want to release it!

19 - Can I suggest locations to visit in an upcoming stream or aircraft to use?

Yes, the ideas section on discord is the place for requests 

20 - Who are your favourite streamers?  
I love watching flight sim content and I regularly check out every flight sim streamer. I also love variety streamers and in particular, Jurdman - go give him a look see

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