FS Jetliner Academy Review

Updated: Feb 11


Hey everyone, I thought I would put together a review of the FS Academy Airliner add-on, that I luckily received as a prize at the recent FlightSim Expo TTM Watch Party!

FS Academy Jetliner: Can even teach that eejit Gibbo

The FS Academy Jetliner add-on is available from all the usual sources including SimMarket, Orbx etc, costing $36AUD (or roughly €22/$26USD) here

So bit of background, (*cough not excuses cough*), I’m a 99.99% GA all the way kinda guy, and have mucked around (technical term) with airliners, via various landing challenges and even getting as far as getting the big bus up in the air and landed a few times. But it was probably more dumb luck in pressing buttons to see what they did, rather than with any firm knowledge behind me as far as cockpit procedures or knowing what to do & when.

Also I have tried the VFR Academy which I enjoyed and while it did complement your GA flying and provide me with an occasional challenge, I found it pretty easy. So I was excited to try the Jetliner variant, to see if it really could get someone like me with a lot to learn, up and running.

The FS Academy Jetliner add-on follows the exact same approach as the VFR and IFR editions before it. Install after purchasing, and it shows up in your community folder, then appearing in-sim under Bush activities.

Jetliner Academy Activities/Lessons