IRL: Let's talk equipment! Starting with Headsets!

By; Ailerons into Wind

Now equipment is something that in the early days of flight school you don’t really need to worry about this if you are on a tight budget. Things like headsets, high vis vests and other little items a flightschool depending on which one you attend will be available to provide you.

However it is also a fair note to raise that some flight schools may not provide these and some even require a dress code or uniform which you ultimately have to purchase before they permit you to start the course ( looking at you Aeros with your £££’s uniform )

Some schools may charge members a fee on top of your lessons. Some clubs in the U.K. roughly cost about £100 a year for the membership but again not all do this so choose carefully and remember to get this information prior to committing to a school thus enabling you to budget your funds.. after all it’s a