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Beverly Regional Airport




Massachusetts, USA


107ft / 33m


42° 35′ 3″ N, 70° 54′ 58″ W

Runway Length & Type

RWY 09/27: 4,755ft / 1,449m Asphalt

RWY 16/34: 5,001 ft / 1,524m Asphalt

RWY 16/34: 5,001 ft / 1,524m Asphalt

Brief History

Beverly Regional Airport was built in 1928 through the efforts of the Beverly Aero Club and the Beverly Chamber of Commerce. The U.S. Navy operated the airport during World War II under a joint-use agreement as Naval Auxiliary Air Facility Beverly. It existed as an auxiliary air facility of Naval Air Station Squantum.

It was commissioned on 15 May, 1943 and the airfield was upgraded with a new asphalt runway. The Navy built a control tower, a barracks, and other structures and consisted of four officers and sixty enlisted men.

The field provided touch and go practice for students at Naval Air Station Squantum as well as Fleet Air Arm student pilots. Planes from Coast Guard Air Station Salem also used the facility for maritime patrol, as well as a detachment from VS-31, which flew anti-submarine patrols with Douglas SBD-5 aircraft.

It was decommissioned as a military facility on August 1, 1945. Ownership of the airport was transferred back to the City of Beverly in 1950.


Service Frequencies:

ATIS: 119.200

Ground: 121.600

Tower: 125.200

Approach: 124.400

Departure: 124.400


ILS Frequencies:

RWY 16: 110.50


VOR Frequencies:

LWM (LAWRENCE): 112.50

BOS (BOSTON): 112.70



Route Map

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