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Welcome to the Special Downloads Area!


You are e freeware Landing Rate Monitor (LRM) on your PC.

You are one of the few that have access to this area which contains special downloads not available to the wider community, for doing an extra special "thing". So well done and hope you enjoy what we have to offer. More coming very soon!


 also features an EFB tab via a browser, a "Radar" to see where others are flying and some custom audio announcements like clapping in the cabin, when you butter those landings or, well, not so butter them.

LRM monitors your flight progress, it can display your takeoff/landing data right onto your screen and sends this data to FSHub for your Firefly Air career!

​Step 2

Download the Landing Rate Monitor (LRM)

Once installed, link LRM to FSHub via the Preferences Menu, enable the Virtual Operator function and re-sync the program's front page to then see Firefly Air in the list. If it says Connected in green at the bottom, it'll record your flight!

Step 3


This program requires you to have FSUIPC or XPUIPC installed which you can get from below tabs:






Every completed flight report will be sent to the Firefly-Air channel on the TTM Discord so we can also keep track of things there.


This concept is to encourage our community members to fly together, have fun and compete for achievements, the smoothest landings and the most virtual miles flown!

We have a number of hubs located throughout the world which are available to view on our airline map linked below


Step 1

Click on Pilot Application below to sign up on FSHub, create a profile and then search for Firefly Air. As soon as you submit your application, Murph will get an email and will activate your account as soon as possible. If there are any delays, you can send him a message on Discord

We also have an open fleet policy - you can fly what you want, when you want!

Liveries, missions, challenges, an operations center and much, much more - coming soon...

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