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🙄 Murphisms!

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Murph has on occasion used the power of words to explain a something. Here is a list of said words.....


Not as in your age - more of a way to add the word -age to to the end of a word. For example, fly-age, soon-age, flight sim-age


An exclamation made when someone makes a charitable donation through gifting subs.

Alyson, Where's Alyson?

Often shouted in terror at the sight of approaching terrain and needing help to check the correct altitude needed to clear said terrain Bin Cam According to ancient legend, Murph will eventually take the plunge and get a bin cam


This term is used when Murph makes a mistake with the technical side of streaming. Usually caused by pressing the wrong button or attempting to change a something in the background. Danger is close when Murph mentions "Buttons"

Did ya see what I did there

Like all good communicators, Murph likes to draw attention to the obvious, whether it’s obvious or not

D'know what I mean?

This is said often as a way to confirm a statement or a series of events.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed!

A lesser used exclamation of surprise and awe. See also “Would ya look at the state of that”.

Don’t look at me head

Open invitation for everybody to inspect Murphs glorious locks (yeah right) whilst he looks for something out of reach

Don't mention the war!

This could make reference to any global conflict, MSFS Servers, Kitchens etc..


An Irish word used for idiot or foolish or silly

English Murph, you can do it

Murph drawing attention to the fact that perhaps a little too much sippage has taken place, do not be alarmed as Murph will only be flying aircraft

Eyes on the floor...always on the floor

Used by Murph after ignoring ATC warning, to barge his way past, through or over other legitimate users waiting on the runway

Fan Cam

Murphs only fan cam. An overhead room fan attached to a light captured by a webcam - it signifies "party mode"


A member of the twotonemurphy community. The name was chosen after seeing a massive group flight at night time with everyones lights turned on

Follow me! I mean, Don't follow me!

Murph has entered a dangerous location or has made a wrong turn. Caution is advised

Get to the chopper

Spoken in a suspect American/Austrian accent when Murph sees a helicopter making an appearance. It is not an instruction to commandeer said machine


= Giveaway (Gibbo’s still trying to negotiate a 5% cut )


Wonky or Broken Pigeon. Mostly seen at train stations and public squares across the globe with missing or deformed feet & claws. Murph uses the word Gickna to describe airliners!

God Almighty Dougal

Father Ted reference not our Dougal. Usually said when Murph is running late or finds something incredible


This is when Murph will ask the chat to enter either 1 for Xbox players, 2 for PC players or 3 for lurkers in order to count the live participants of the flight

I have to do a thing

Denotes Murph’s intention to plan ahead. Can sometimes be preceded by “Buttons, Murph” (see above). A variation can include “now it’s time for one of these”

It’ll buff out

Catastrophic damage has been caused to an aircraft. No need to be alarmed

It was all going so well until it wasn’t

Long story short, Murph has made a complete and utter hames (see above) of the whole thing

It's so hot right now

Explanation of something that is good, enjoyable or of high quality Kian Our resident Eurovision, dad jokes extraordinaire and aircraft/player counter with powerful magician skills

Landed it

Murph demonstrating his ability to throw an item of rubbish into a bin, a whole 3 (three) feet away (edited)


A mythical place where they do things different


A famous airstrip at Quatum River in Canada, home of one of the hardest landings in the sim. At the end of the runway there are a number of logs which the pilot must avoid


Buttonage used by Murph to announce another Firefly has invalidated their insurance policy by crashing in public. medical professionals need not attend, all will be well

Nothing to see here

Often heard when Murph has just made a monumental Boo Boo, not to be confused with a certain small bear living in Jellystone Park

Oh the shame, the shame!

When Murph or some unlucky individual makes a complete “Hames “of something (Hames, as in "to make a Hames of something" is a 14th century middle Dutch word, which for some mad reason has only survived in Ireland.)

Ok SportsFans

Murphs excited reference to everyone watching the stream... the poor souls probably could find nothing better to do for the next three hours or so

Ooooh and Ahhhhhh!

An expression from Murph of contentment, satisfaction, stimulation or pleasure. Poor Mrs Twotone


Exclamation of pain when the most accident prone part of Murphs’ anatomy is yet again subject to unintentional trauma

Pineapple on pizza...yes or no

A question Murph asks of everyone he meets as he is sourcing recipes for his new healthy eating book Ramble To announce the arrival of a fellow TTM member to the stream or to be used in the context of going a specific way in flight


The word sip with -age added to it. Usually when Murph is taking a drink

Sin a bhfuil (pronounced shin a will), usually used by Murph at the end of his stream. Loosely translates as That’s all folks!


Using the "-age" it is added to the word snack to describe an item of food

State of that

A compliment, admiration and generally positive quote used. "Would you look at the state of that"

Tasty Beverage

A nice drink to have (either non alcohol or with alcohol)

That’s Nuts

Murph has seen a squirrel hiding his nu.....No wait that’s not it, rather it’s Murphs excited exclamation of wonder and delight in seeing an outstanding area of natural beauty or piece of superb aeronautical mechanism in the sim.....or maybe he has seen a squirrel

The man...the myth...the legend

Murphs reference to Jeppeson2001, the finest producer of fantastic addon scenery and mods for MSFS

The Murphline

An interview section of the livestream when Murph invites a community member on for a chat to get to know them a bit better

The Simulated Horror This quite often comes after “Buttons, Murph”. Think of it as ranking up an already bad situation.

There is nothing to fear, except everything

Murph has entered the aviation equivalent of Hogwarts Castle’s Forbidden Forest. Anything can happen here, be warned.

There's something happ'nin

When Murph cant keep up with the alerts


A typical Murph double meaning.....Could mean a statement of surprise and amazement OR (possibly the total opposite) a statement of shock, horror and annoyance queuing a rant for hours.

Where’s Me Mouse?

Loose reference to when Murph can't find his cursor on screen due to having way too many screens

Yeah baby Yeah

Something awesome has happened or when something previously planned in the minutest detail actually works

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5 comentarios

I never realised there were so many Ism's, 🤣

Me gusta

11 feb 2022

Me gusta

love it awesome Murph 🇦🇨🇦🇨

Me gusta

phil ( Tarnish)
phil ( Tarnish)
10 feb 2022

our lives would not be as good as they are that s down to murph and the boss mrs twotone . ✈️

Me gusta
11 feb 2022
Contestando a

100% agree 👍🏻😄

Me gusta
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