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Dallas-Fort Worth Intl




Texas, USA


607ft / 185m


32°53′49″N 097°02′17″W

Runway Length & Type

RWY 13R/31L: 9,301ft / 2,834m Concrete RWY 17L/35R: 8,500ft / 2,590m Concrete

RWY 17C/35C: 13,401ft / 4,085m Asphalt RWY 17R/35L: 13,401ft / 4,085m Concrete

RWY 18L/36R: 13,400ft / 4,085m Concrete

RWY 17C/35C: 13,401ft / 4,085m Asphalt RWY 17R/35L: 13,401ft / 4,085m Concrete

Brief History

DFW held an open house and dedication ceremony on September 20–23, 1973, which included the first landing of a supersonic Concorde in the United States, an Air France aircraft en route from Caracas to Paris.

During its first year of operations, the airport was served by American Airlines, Braniff International Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Eastern Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Ozark Air Lines, Rio Airways and Texas International Airlines.

Following airline deregulation, American Airlines (which had already been one of the largest carriers serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area for many years) established its first hub at DFW on June 11, 1981.

In 1989 the airport authority announced plans to rebuild the existing terminals and add two runways. From 2004 to 2012, DFW was one of two US Army "Personnel Assistance Points" that received US troops returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for rest and recuperation.


Service Frequencies:

ATIS: 123.770

Ground: 121.650

Tower: 124.150

Approach: 118.100

Departure: 118.550


ILS Frequencies:

RWY 31R: 110.90

RWY 13R: 109.50

RWY 18R: 111.90

RWY 36L: 111.90

RWY 17R: 111.35

RWY 35L: 111.35

RWY 18L: 110.55

RWY 36R: 110.55

RWY 17C: 110.30

RWY 35C: 110.30

RWY 17L: 111.75

RWY 35R: 111.75


VOR Frequencies:

TTT (Maverick): 113.10

CVE (Cowboy): 116.20

FUZ (Ranger): 115.70

NFW (NAS JRB Fort Worth): 108.70

Route Map

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