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Steps to Manage Flight Plans


Wix has a limit whereby it does not allow pln files to be uploaded which of course we want to allow folks choose which legs they want. To get around this, we use the little tool below is used which does allow it - for current flights only however, due to another limit of just 10MB being permitted. However, zip files are permitted which we can use to archive flight plans. 

The one database below will control all flight plans - both current and archive. Following the below steps will move flight plans automatically to the right locations on the site - be it archived or current.


1 - Please continue to do what you are doing! Use the tool below to add the pln plans. The only change is if you could please upload the zip file too, as this zip file will be used as the archive. This is done in the same area as in step 2. When new plans are ready, feel free to delete the pln files from the tool below to make space.

2 -Please continue to do what you are doing with adding the plan listing to the site via the interface below. 4 minor changes however.....


A - Please add the zip file under the column "ZipFileForArchivedPlan" and add the entry of "Download Flight Plan" under column titled "ZipPlansTitle" .

B - Please mark ONLY the current plan as YES in the column titled "LatestPlan" and change any older plans to NO.

C - Make the order the highest number for the plan that is now archived (so it shows at the top).

D - And when the stream has completed, please use the thumbnail for it which can be done using this tool here.

E - Please complete MonthYear column - in format Jan2021, Feb2021, Mar2021

3 - Once ready, sync both the newly added plan just created and the previously current plan which should now be archive both to Live.

This sounds more complicated than it is, but a video of all the above is here to help is here & Im always available if any problems! Thank you!!!

For uploading of current flight plans only:

For adding flight plan listing and uploading of zip files:

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