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Renton Municipal Airport




Washington, USA


32ft / 10m


47°29′35″N 122°12′57″W

Runway Length & Type

RWY 06/34: 5,382ft / 1,640m Asphalt/Concrete

Brief History

The airport was renamed Clayton Scott Field in 2005 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Clayton Scott. Renton Airport has a floating dock and a launching ramp for conversion from wheeled landings to water takeoffs and landings.

The airport is owned by the City of Renton and is a general aviation airport which serves Renton and other nearby communities. It provides regional aviation services for air charter, air taxi, corporate, business and recreational flyers.

Renton Airport is adjacent to the Boeing Renton Factory that manufactures 737s and formerly 757s, and is the initial point of departure for airplanes produced in that facility.


Service Frequencies:

ATIS: 126.950

Ground: 121.870

Tower: 124.700

ASOS: 126.950

Unicom: 122.950


ILS Frequencies:



VOR Frequencies:

SEA (Seattle): 116.80

TAC (McChord): 109.60

PAE (Paine): 110.60

OLM (Olympia): 113.40

Route Map

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