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About TC

TwoCats, the master of disaster has been streaming flight simulator for about 6 months.

Covering a variation of flying from GA right up to the big DC-6 and everything in between.

A British ex-pat living in the Netherlands trying to grasp Dutch (its the G's every time) with a unique style of streaming and multiple styles of flying he explores the world of flight simulator.

MSFS is the first sim TwoCats has flown in and now has “the bug”. Every now and then coming up with grand ideas such as the "DC-6 Going Home" event held in September. Having dragged the DC-6 around the world in 7 days.

Don’t worry more ideas like that to come in the future.


Such crowning moments of glory when forgetting to bind a landing gear toggle, resulting in a dramatic gear up landing, live on the MSFS official stream. It was all part of the plan, honest! Those pesky landing gears get you every time.

As you might guess TwoCats likes the old radials and has spent many an hour flying the DC-6 and helping others to learn how to make it sing in the skies.

Having been led to the dark side of scenery creation and 3d modelling TwoCats has now started crafting sceneries. 

From the strange place he calls his "imagination", he is working on a TC rally series of races using the natural flow of the land, rivers and mountains of the world. 

Stream Schedule

Tuesday: 16:00-19:00z

Thursday: 20:00-23:00z

Friday: 17:00-20:00z

Sunday; 20:00-23:00z



Download TwoCats livery pack here


TwoCats on Twitch


TwoCats on Twitter

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