Hey folks! welcome to June! Time is flying! (did you see what I did there)

TTM Livestreams

I hope you are all enjoying the current schedule on YouTube and on Twitch.

If anyone is having issues with membership crossovers - let me know - I should be able to sort them! The aim for the 3 x scheduled livestreams is to have different things on different nights.

Monday - YouTube > Adventure Flight - Currently on Route 66 Reverse. We will be having a poll soon to decide on our next adventure - stay tuned!

Wednesday - Twitch > Community Spotlight (Murphline) and group flight

Friday - Twitch > The weekend! Usually bush flights or special events

Watch Time Loyalty Bonus

For our Twitch viewers - you can redeem your loyalty points (you earn points for each minute watched) for some commands.

!sip - Murph will take a sip of a tasty beverage

plus, a handful of other redeemable items such as highlighted comments, voice commands and so on.

I’m looking forward to adding in some sim specific features like RandFailures

Also – just a reminder – if you have Amazon Prime, users can subscribe to one channel for FREE every month on Twitch!

The Murphline

The Murphline segment is up and running and so far we have had some amazing guests.

Annalisa, Jeppeson2001, Alyson Johnson, GibboIreland and Stuart (Ai2W) have all taken part and I look forward to welcoming more members on for a chat soon.

If you are willing to take part in a future segment, be sure to drop me a DM on discord. Don't worry if you only want to use voice - thats ok!


The support from this community has been unbelievable. Your generosity and kindness has enabled me to accelerate the development of the channel and I am so grateful for everything you do.

With future projects on the horizon, I am thinking about sponsorship opportunities for the channel. This could include branding, affiliate links, product or services mentions/overviews and showcasing. If anyone is interested to advertise on the TTM channel, you can contact me – links all below!

Community Update

Members Only Flights

1 x Saturday per month, Co-Pilots and Pilots in Command can avail of a members only flight on Discord. Any suggestions are welcome so please post this info into the Member Group Flights page under the Multiplayer channel on Discord.

Members / Membership

Membership tiers available for the community and the perks associated to them:

Flight Crew (YouTube Only) - €1.99 per month

  • Loyalty Badges

  • Custom Emotes

  • Shout Outs on live-streams

  • Membership Tier highlighted on Discord

Co-Pilot - €4.99 per month (available on YT, Twitch, Patreon & Discord Server Boosters)

  • Loyalty Badges

  • Custom Emotes

  • Shout Outs on live-streams

  • Membership Tier highlighted on Discord

  • Access to Multiplayer Only Flights on Discord (1 x Saturday per month)

Pilot in Command - €9.99 per month (available on YT, Twitch and Patreon)

  • Loyalty Badges

  • Custom Emotes

  • Shout Outs on live-streams

  • Membership Tier highlighted on Discord

  • Access to Multiplayer Only Flights on Discord (1 x Saturday per month)

  • Name shown on stream credits

  • Your choice of tail number for a live-stream (Just drop me a DM on Discord)

  • Exclusive Firefly Name Tag on the TTM Website (DM me with your choice of flag)

Wing Commander - €24.99 per month (available on YT, Twitch and Patreon)

  • Loyalty Badges

  • Custom Emotes

  • Shout Outs on live-streams

  • Membership Tier highlighted on Discord

  • Access to Multiplayer Only Flights on Discord (1 x Saturday per month)

  • Name shown on stream credits

  • Your choice of tail number for a live-stream (Just drop me a DM on Discord)

  • Exclusive Firefly Name Tag on the TTM Website (DM me with your choice of flag)

  • A gift from Murph with a personalised touch

  • Tech support, sim support and tutorials for MSFS (to the best of my abilities 😊)

Admin Team

New roles for Community Managers and Moderators

We have been thinking about ways to increase the inclusion of our members over on Discord and the community at large.

We now have a Community Manager Team who oversee and assist with the community involvement, interaction and also the community spirit and morale. Their roles cover many aspects including flight plans, reviews, blogs, newsletters, organising meet ups, etc.

Our Community Managers are

  • Alyson Johnson

  • AS Old Veteran

  • ColFork85

  • GibboIreland

  • Mrs Twotone

  • Naughty Gnome

  • Warhamster

I am also looking for volunteers to create content for the website and discord.

This content will include reviews, first impressions on pre-release products, blogs and newsletters.

If you are interested in this role, contact me directly through Discord.

There might be positions available over the coming weeks/months.


Our Mods Team continue to support the livestreams by providing information and also assistance when required. I have streamlined their roles to focus more on assisting our community so if you ever have a question or issue, be sure to let one of the team know.

Our Mods Team are



Dougal McTavish

Stuart Payne (Ai2W)

Seamus McNeil


A huge shout out to our Thunderflys - each and every stream they provide some amazing aerobatic displays. Recently, the guys have been visiting other streamers and communities and getting the name out there. It’s great to see. There is also a new applications page for anyone wanting to join the Thunderfly team on Discord.

Livery Design and Scenery

Over the last number of weeks we have seen some amazing liveries created by GibboIreland, Captain Butters, Dyflinn, Epicfool, Skydiveman and Sirblackyalot. There are some fantastic liveries available now so well done dudes and keep up the great work. Don't forget you can find this content over on the TTM website - www.twotonemurphy.com/downloads

For scenery we saw the amazing release of Falcon Field FFFZ from Jeppeson2001. This is his very first payware scenery and is one of the most detailed available for MSFS. Be sure to check it out here:


I plan on making some videos of this soon plus a full review.

The Buy and Sell

A new marketplace/classifieds section is under construction.

This will enable our community to buy/sell/swap products between themselves and also offer donations to the community.

There is a bit of red tape to process here first but I hope to have something up and running soon.

Discord Updates

I have added a few new channels to our discord – be sure to check out the index section.

We now have a birthdays section – you can input the month and day into Discord for a mention on a livestream! Ohhh and ahhhh!

We also have a new pets pics area and model building channel.

Website Update

GibboIreland has been rather busy creating an amazing web presence for our community. The website now boasts its own EFB (METAR and Charts*) and also includes an incredible ThunderFlys page.

We are working on a name tag project for different membership tiers and will be putting these onto the website. It will also allow us to create pilot profiles/bio pages on the site.

Summer Planning

Depending on the release date of the console version of the sim, I have a number of projects to work on during the summer months. These include organising meet ups and possible day trips to museums or exhibitions.

Some places I hope to visit are:

  • Irish Air Corps Museum at Casement Aerodrome (guided tour)

  • Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum (possible boat trip)

  • Atlantic Air Adventures – Shannon Airport

  • Atlantic Flight Training – Waterford Airport

Of course the above list is only the start of what I want to get up and running. If anyone is from/near these areas – it would be awesome to meet up and even take a tour of the place with you…The Murphline goes Murphtube!

We are also approaching our 1st year anniversary of this community after our maiden livestream of MSFS back in August 2020. I am planning a special livestream to mark the occasion. More details to follow soon.

Meet ups

So for now, Ireland is slowly coming out of restrictions and I intend to plan

a few outings/meet ups soon.

I hope to plan a Dublin meet up in July for Saturday the 17th. Times and venue TBC but most likely will be Dublin City – mid-afternoon/evening – with a few tasty beverages afterwards.

In August I am planning to travel to the UK and was thinking about visiting

RAF Duxford to visit the museum and then meet up afterwards for a tasty beverage!

Dates are looking in and around August 30th – TBC

Oshkosh 2022 July The plan for the US Meet Up is still planned for next year – I am really looking forward to this. I intend to host a livestream for some of the display and even look at hosting a community meetup to be livestreamed – all this is in the very early planning stages.

A message from Murph

Hello, Hello!

So folks we certainly have a lot of things to keep us busy over the coming months. Our community continues to see growth and with our recent partnership with Twitch more and more people are joining the ranks of the Fireflies.

You guys continue to amaze me with your friendliness, care and devotion to other members here. It truly is remarkable. I never envisaged creating a community this large, diverse and awesome! You make this community feel like family.

We have touched on some topics regarding mental health over the past few months and I want you all to know that whenever life seems tough or the days seem a little dull, we are here! Talk to us, shoot the breeze, have a rant or even a cry. We have so many people now there will be someone else in our community who has travelled down the same road and might be able to offer advice or at the very least, be there to listen.

With the summer time approaching I am also planning a little time off – either a staycation or vacation depending on the world. I will probably aim for the end of August or early September for a week or two to recharge the batteries and start Season 2 of the Flying Circus! During this time there will still be plenty to do and I plan on creating an activity for you all to work on during my absence.

Since August 2020 we have also seen some of our own members branch into creating their own content and livestreams. This is so awesome! In some way or another, this community has encouraged them to take the first steps into becoming content creators and I must say they are all doing a wonderful job. Some of the most enjoyable streams have been broadcast from these members. I would like to give a huge shoutout to:

I would also like to thank and give a shout out to some other amazing content

creators who now join us regularly either on Discord or during our livestreams:

So that’s it for this newsletter and again I wish to thank each and every one of you for all the fun, support and friendship!

I love you guys!


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