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Louisville Intl




Kentucky, USA


461ft / 140m


38° 10′ 27″ N, 85° 44′ 11″ W

Runway Length & Type

RWY 17R/35L: 11,887ft / 3,623m Concrete

RWY 17L/35R: 8,579ft / 2,615m Concrete

RWY 11/29: 7,250ft / 2,210m Concrete

RWY 17L/35R: 8,579ft / 2,615m Concrete

Brief History

  • Standiford Field was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1941 on a parcel of land south of Louisville and named for Dr. Elisha David Standiford, a local businessman and politician, who was active in transportation issues. The field remained under Army control until 1947, when it was turned over to the Louisville Air Board for commercial operations.

  • The airfield opened to the public in 1947 and all commercial service from Bowman Field moved to Standiford Field. American, Eastern, and TWA were the first airlines and had 1,300 passengers a week.

  • The 1980s brought plans for a new terminal, the Louisville Airport Improvement plan (LAIP). Parallel runways, needed for expanded UPS operations, were part of the airport expansion.

  • In 1995, the airport's name was changed from Standiford Field to Louisville International Airport. The Kentucky Air National Guard moved its base to SDF with 8 military aircraft; a new UPS air mail facility, new corporate hangars, a four-level parking garage and a new control tower were also added.

  • On January 16, 2019, the Louisville Regional Airport Authority voted to rename the airport Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, after boxing legend Muhammad Ali, a Louisville native.

  • Worldport is the worldwide air hub for UPS (United Parcel Service) located at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport. The facility is currently the size of 5.2 million square feet (48 ha; 80 football fields) and capable of handling 115 packages per second, or 416,000 per hour.


Service Frequencies:

ATIS: 118.720

Ground: 124.200

Tower: 124.200

Approach: 123.670

Departure: 123.670


ILS Frequencies:

RWY 29: 109.10

RWY 17L: 111.95

RWY 35R: 110.55

RWY 17R: 110.30

RWY 35L: 109.35


VOR Frequencies:

IIU (Louisville VORTAC): 114.80

FTK (Fort Knox VOR/DME): 109.60

MYS (Mystic VOR): 108.20

EWO (New Hope VOR/DME): 110.80

FFT (Frankfort VOR): 109.40

Route Map

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